Writing is a process of commutation whereby a message is disseminated from the writer to the reader.

Writing is a process of commutation whereby a message is disseminated from the writer to the reader. The fundamental aspects of any writing activity is premised on the idea that drives the writer to write any piece of work. This means that the initial step in the writing process is developing an idea in the mind and therefore transferring the idea in a document. While there are many types of writing, the most prominent aspects that different these writing styles is form and content. Different types of writing use different styles and the content that is contained in the genres differs significantly from each other. The viability of any written materials is based on its ability to communicate effectively its intended message. Form is the style and structure that writing process follows. For instance, a poem would take a completely different styles and structure from a narrative essay. One of the most prominent forms of writing is scholarly writing. Each form of writing also relies heavily on the type of audience that the message targets.
This assignment explores scholarly writing, blog post, and government report as three important types of writing that can be used to deliver the message on betting and gambling.
Scholarly writing
The message in this case targets parents as the audience
Also known as, academic writing, scholarly writing is the genre of writing that is used in academic fields. Scholarly writing is evidence based and objective in that it aims at stating the problems or premises in a logical manner and then validating the preemies using tangible evidence and facts. In formal educational systems, scholarly writing is the most viable since it allows educationalists to conduct research on social problems and phenomena and present tangible solutions to these problems. It should d be understood the major purpose of education is to create change in the society. As a change agent, one should be have perfect research and presentation skills. The ability to report the research findings are premised on the ability to develop crucial scholarly writing skills. With well-developed scholarly writing skills, an individual is able to influence change to the society since the readers will acquire important insights about the topic of discussion.
Betting and gambling is as addictive as drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol. However, most parents have abandoned their children to succumb into the atrocities of this menace. When a child become addicted to betting and gambling, he or she is most likely to perform poorly in school.
Moreover gambling not only affects academics but also the social and economic aspects of the child. Gambling addicts have lost their fortunes and end up leading desperate lives. As such, parents should control what their children engage in at any particular point.
Blog post
Audience: the youths
Hi good people out there. I know you are there gambling as usual. But wait do you know that gambling has never made any one rich. Gambling is for the rich and the young who are struggling to make their live better.
I think it is time that youths reflect on their lives and say not to gamble. And for your information, if all youths resist this vice the society would encouragement handwork as the only basis for success.
Government report
Audience: gambling agencies
Through the ministry of youth affairs, the government conducted research on the gambling culture in the country and it is evident that gambling brings more than benefits. The government is therefore committed towards ensuring that the vice does not continue to erode more citizens.
With immediate effect, all the gambling companies have been barred from conducting business within our territory. Violation of this directive will lead to direct imprisonment or the imposing of hefty charges.
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