Theory of politics…more readings are in your email

Write a 3-4 (900 words) page essay that compares/contrasts the conclusions, premises and/or assumptions of two texts. Here are several text pairings from which to choose and possible suggestions for your basis of comparison/contrast. You may also choose your own pairing (feel free to be creative). 

1. Plato and Machiavelli clearly indicate specific views of human nature and the ways that this nature should be address, even manipulated, in the best interest of the political world. Explain several significant divergences and overlaps, as well as the consequences of these. 

2. Locke, Rousseau and Hobbes all justify the construction of a social contract using evidence of “man” in a state of nature. Please choose two of these authors and explain significant divergences and overlaps, as well as the consequences of these. 

All essays should be in12 pt. font, Times New Roman. You do not need to include a bibliography but please remember to number your pages and to provide a title.Your first paragraph should reflect your specific exploration with regard to the specific theme you have chosen. Please take care to formulate your specific thesis in your own words, not simply re-state the premise of this topic.Again, what is most important in this exercise is that you demonstrate your capacity to draw out one or two major themes in/across two texts and draw a few significant connections between them. Remember this is a short essay so this is your chance to demonstrate your reading comprehension of these texts by being as specific in your choice of evidence as possible.