The webinar theme is about building and protecting brands in social media.

Building and Protecting Brands in Social Media

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Building and Protecting Brands in Social Media
The webinar theme is about building and protecting brands in social media. The speakers include Will Mciness the CMO of Brand watch, Jen Forrest the Director, Social Media DEG, and Matthew Schnarr the Senior Sales Engineer ZeroFox. Jenny Winterbottom moderates the webinar. The main agenda of the webinar include common threats to Brands on Social media, Use of social listening to develop great content and to engage the social media community in building brand reputation (Mcinnes, n.d).
Online brand reputation is built on ensuring that the brand is consistent to maintain its status in a fast-changing technological world. Brand reputation will be your most valuable asset and your most significant risk. To protect your company’s brand reputation, you need to make it a top priority and go beyond the public relations. Brand reputation is built on effective communication with your customers, understanding your target market, and influencing them. Your Brand success will come about by seizing the online opportunities (Mcinnes, n.d).
However, contrary to the belief that social media is safe and you can use it for branding, it turns out that its one of the most dangerous platforms for your brand. Social media is everywhere, making hacking easy as no security teams are monitoring it. Any breach of your company’s social media accounts results in 5 percent drop in your stock prices and 7 percent loss of your customers who unfollow your brand. Some of the attack tactics in social media include account highjacking, Social Phishing, fraudulent accounts, and customer attack. The good news lies in the fact that ZeroFox Company can protect your social media account using three pillars of protection. The components of protection include visibility, automation, and remediation (Mcinnes, n.d).
Social media offer an opportunity of listening to a thousand of people your brand is targeting compared to the focus group. Being a business owner means it is important for you to listen to the message the social media sites gives about your brand reputation(Mcinnes, n.d).

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