The movie is a description of the killing of a young black man, Oscar Grant by BART police officers.

Fruitvale Station Analysis
Content of the Movie
The movie is a description of the killing of a young black man, Oscar Grant by BART police officers. Grant was a young man who was struggling with his life as he tried to provide for his girlfriend and daughter. While Grant was growing up, he did not have the best of life as he was involved with gangs, something that was common in his community. He was also using weed as he grew up. Grant used to work in a grocery store, and he got fired after only two weeks but could not tell his girlfriend Sophina as it would have caused an argument between them. As a way of maintaining his family and offering financial support to his mother, Grant decided to start selling weed though he did not want to do it.
On the first of the New Year, Grant took his mother to New York so that she could go and see the fireworks. As they were coming back by train, a certain woman called Grant, and a former inmate recognized him, and they engaged in a fight. There were BART police officers who were near the scene, and as they tried to arrest Grant and others, one officer removed his gun and shot Grant from behind. The crowd surrounding the place was able to take videos on the case, and they held demonstrations so that justice for Grant would be found. The police officers who were concerned got fired, and Ingram, the officer who shot Grant, was sentenced for eleven months as he indicated that he mistook his Taser for the gun and shot Grant by mistake.
I think the movie is perfect for describing the way the police officers take the lives of the young black people. Grant is a representative of the black community and the way they are treated with excessive force, even when they are not resisting arrest. There is a history of white police officers killing innocent black people and providing excuses such as they were mistaken to be associated with breaking the law. It is the same case seen in the film. I like the movie because it seems that justice was achieved, though not what I expected. I expected that the police officers who committed the murder would be sentenced for life but was sentenced for only eleven months. There are most cases where black people are killed, and justice is never found, and it is not the case in the murder of Grant.
I think that the film was created to show the problems facing the youth in the black community and factors that prompt them to engage in crimes and drugs. It should be a call to the government to establish the issues being faced in the society so that methods of assisting the youth can be determined. From the Fruitvale Station, I can learn that the justice system is yet to be equal for the black and white people. I feel that the justice provided was not enough and the officer who killed Grant would have served for a longer period. I would recommend this movie as it has lots of lessons to learn, such as the reasons to avoid being engaged in criminal activities as it would lead to either death or jail.

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