Symbolic Interactionism

Symbolic Interactionism
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Symbolic interactionists are people who pay¬ attention to language and symbols that are used to interpret and give meaning to various life experiences. They note that culture borrows heavily from daily interactions, and such interactions have an impact on life perception, as we try to fit and act like other people. Repeated behavioral patterns become an accepted way of life among a particular group of people, and may become a cultural practice for a given group of people. They note that environment influences our perception, and thus people embrace tastes that they observe and interact with. Symbolic Interactionism is the aspect that people use to comprehend how interactions shape behavior.
I am a product of my environment. Environment shapes our thinking patterns, what we associate with various occurrences and how to react to them. For instance, I was not used to dressing up. We used to dress down, in a pair of jeans and sneakers, as that was the standard dressing. However, when I moved to college, I noticed that dressing formally, including suit and tie was common, and I have since purchased some suits, which I occasionally wear. However, whenever I travel to estates, I wear the typical jeans, as that is the coelom dressing practice.
I am a big lover of hip-hop music and action movies. With the rise to Tupac Shakur, hip hop music became more prominent. Moreover, most of my friends listening to the music, it has become my most favorite genre of the music. Similarly, action movies are also my favorite movies, as most of my friends loved such films that included heavy artillery, intensive military intelligence, and incredible self-defense mechanisms. As children, we would practice these moves, which became a competition, and we would brag about the person with the best moves.