Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about a charismatic most celebrated boxer, athlete, who was the heavyweight champion known for the carriage against the Vietnam War and battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Speech Outline
Student’s Name
Topic: Muhammad Ali
General purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about a charismatic most celebrated boxer, athlete, who was the heavyweight champion known for the carriage against the Vietnam War and battle with Parkinson’s disease.
I. Introduction
A. Attention getter: Muhammad Ali was named Cassius Clay at birth. He was a renowned boxer, humanitarian and the social activist universally remembers as the premier athletes during the 20th century. In 1964 Ali won the Olympic gold medal as the world heavyweight boxing champion. His refusal to serve in the USA military, he retained the title of the heavyweight boxer many year in the 1970s beating Joe Frazier and George Foremanalong. He was remembered for standing against the Vietnam War. His battle with Parkinson’s disease made him more brave wining the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. He remains a celebrity for Islam nation and the black race.
B. Reason to listen: The information on Muhammad Ali is important because it depicts the charismatics’ ideas and contribution to human through his talent and career. He is a motivation to the generation by his stand on the fight against violence and the war in Vietnam. His ideas to encourage the young people and the black race on the importance of self-determination and success. He remains important in his guest for peace around the world which is a symbol for peaceful movements.
C. Thesis Statement: Although Muhammad Ali is remembered for his celebrated career and talent life, he is the world’s peace ambassador who used his resources to spread peace. Ali is known for the refusal to fight the Vietnam War indicated his pursuit for peace. The wining of the races despite being the heaviest, symbolized his commitment for the fight the best.
D. Credibility Statement:
1. From my childhood, I have always been inspired by Muhammad Ali

2. I am interested in this topic because I have researched on it and got the impetus concerning the achievements of Ali.
E. Main points:
1. First, I will introduce Muhammad Ali by stating his career life and talent.
2. Second, I’ll provide an explanation of career winnings and contributions to the field of athletics and boxing.
3. Finally, I’ll end by informing the audience on the wining the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 and his guest for peace in the world.

II. Muhammad Ali is remains the best boxer and athlete of the time through the winnings of the Olympic gold medals for many years. He is remarked for the peaceful environment around the world through traveling to participate in various boxing games. His career was adequately important in promoting peace.

A. Muhammad Ali was born on 17th January 1942in Louisville, Kentucky
1. Ali attended Central high school in Louisville and was an average student who performed well although history does not capture his academic life but most import is his career.
2. His entrance to the boxing game remains a motivation to the young people because he fought with a lot of determinations and zeal to the brim.
3. Ali was determined to ensure he won against the strongest boxers of his time got gold medal.
B. Ali was motivated to fight against the white boxers despite the racial discriminations in his up-bring and the history of slavery.
1. In 1960 Muhammad Ali won the world Olympic gold medal and the 1964 heavyweight boxing. These were followed with several other winnings against his competitive opponents.
2. Muhammad Ali refused to offer his military services during the Vietnam War indicating that he was a peace-champion. He used his career to motivate many blacks and the young people.
3. In 2005 Muhammad won the Presidential Medal of Freedom to acknowledge his fight against racism and slavery. He was peaceful and guested for the freedom of all men in the world. He was tremendous in the formation of the Pan-African movement that are credited for the freedom of all races in the region and Africa.
4. He revolutionized the sport of boxing by becoming the youngest boxer to win against an incumbent heavy weight boxer Joe Louis and fought with a lot of speed being named the Greatest of all times.
5. Ali was eloquent and spoke with force and forthrightness that made him to be charming and charismatic. He spoke on confrontations in the ring termed “arrogant” in which he spoke against racism statin he was a proud black and no one could frighten him.
III. Conclusion
Muhammad Ali remains remarkable in history especially his guest for freedom of the blacks and slaves. He is acknowledged as the world heavy weight boxer who won the gold medal at his tender age. His tremendous contributions to the field is championing for peace. He continues to inspire many young people to nature their talents and use their careers to benefit the society. I believe Ali is the best athlete and boxer of the time and humanitarian for the eloquence against racism.