South Asian diaspora is one of the biggest growing diasporas in the world with the highest number of population.The inhabitants live a hard life of poverty.Most of them live in slums where crime and social set backs prevail.They can not access basic needs like food,security,hygine and comfort.


South Asian diaspora is one of the biggest growing diasporas in the world with the highest number of population.The inhabitants live a hard life of poverty.Most of them live in slums where crime and social set backs prevail.They can not access basic needs like food,security,hygine and comfort.
In the book ‘one fine balance’,the author gives details on the hardships faced by four inhabitants of the diaspora.The four slowly learn to live together and appreciate one another.They put the prejudice they have for one another aside as they find it destructive.
Mistrust and prejudice characterize the south asian diaspora.This is a society full of corruption and crime and everyone trys to secure a ninche in this kind of society.The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.The rift between the poor and the rich widens each day.The poor are left to anguish in poverty as the rich enjoy luxurious life of plenty and misuse.
The tailor believe in obedience and works so hard to earn a living but ends up being paid little which they find to be exploitive.There are no job opportunities available to the inhabitants and the few available are unfairly distributed because of the high rate of corruption.
Events that originate from the tailors’ poverty take place which will determine their future and destiny.They live in a city slum made of rubbish and shacks,located on the outskirts of the city’s railway,where a high number of poor people are oppressed more by the rich and powerful where they share leaky roofs.
South Asian diaspora is characterized by poor slums with poor housing where roofs are leaking and hygine is not observed.Diseases are common among the inhabitants who can not access health facilities.
This poor people have to survive by all means.A political event takes place and the state decrees a state of emergency and the balance of law and unlawfulness is shattered.
The decree of emergency allows the government to reorganise the rights and lives of this poor residents and this is the only opportunity they got to be served by the government.This are programmes made to please the prime minister,it involves simply bulldozing of their inhabitant houses where Om and Ishvar stay with an intention of reorganizing the slum.
Emergencies by the government leaves most of the residents homeless.Those found below porches are arrested and taken by the police to an irrigation project far away from the city.This is where they provide forced labour to the government .This is a form of oppression on this poor people as they have no choice other than work on this unpaid projects.
Land loards evict tenants from their flats forcefully.They enter the premises and break everything and physically torturing the tenants with ruthlessness.Some of them loose everything including their works.
South Asia diaspora is a society depicted by individualistic values where if your rich your powerful enough to indulge in those values.If you are poor,you are the mercy of lords who take advantage on you and whatever they do even if its against the law its pointless reporting them to the authority as justice will be denied.
Money places one in power and performs what those who are powerful have chose to.Only a small amount can find its way to the poor to build a better human relationship.Men women or children lack proper support and are left for doom.
The huge bureaucratic interests in this society leave the poor with no chance of anything decent or pleasurable in life.The only thing available to them is to adopt this kind of life and move on because this is the kind of life they were destined for.

‘A fine balance’ thus demonstrates the highly delicate situation of the poor and homeless who have luckilly managed to secure a small position in this dangerous and risky indian urban.The government does not provide them with security,children and women are forced to survive in this kind of environment.
Some residents are lucky or intelligent enough to secure themselves a small place in this relentless economy of giving and taking and they are willing to hold on it as long as it will last.This is because they are able to identify loopholes in this kind of society which gives them a chance of survival.
This system is the most efficient way for those above to provide them with ready means to continue benefiting from the benefits they have always had of food,health,security,education and hygene.The poor dont have a right to this amenities because they are in a low caste.
Most south asian diaspora are greatly affected by social,political and cultural factors and are denied a decent life style by the government of the day.Most people are left with painful memories of their past lifes and are still hopeful for a better future which they are still hopefull for.It so unfair for life to provide both happiness and sadness in such a situation.
The inhabitants use all means to survive in this kind of life,they try to utilize the little they have and share it amongst themselves,unless they do this,they will all perish in poverty and anguish.Despite of this life of suffering,they try to give it a new meaning in spite of their destiny.
Friendship amongst the people is what keeps the little flame shinning giving a new meaning and hope to them.Without friendship and love,they will all perish.They share food and clothing.
People work together and help each other in times of need,for example in the book,when the tailors are not there,Manac helps Dina with dress making.This drives her out of trouble and despair as he helps her meet the deadline.They work day and night to help each other as they try to make their lifes better.
Despite the kind of life the South Asian Diaspora have,love is inevitable.This is as depicted in the novel,Dina meets Rustom and fall in Love,they are kind-hearted and end up in a romantic relationship.True love exists between them as they both try to face the life challenges together.

Cruelty,absurdity and violence among the people and their governance contrast all kindness.The author of the book explains how the indifferences among the people cause destruction amongst them.Torture,violence,humiliation and all other sorts of inhuman acts is what befall this defenceless people.

The slums are characterized by horror,unhealthy and insecure situations.Crime is rampant with genocidal motives.In most indian slums and government projects,inhumanity is the order of the day.The poor people are left to fend for themselves as the government seems insensitive to the peoples needs.
The story clearly gives a setting of the slum,the urban life and its day to day dramas,the disasters and miracles of life that reunite and the prejudice among the people that tear them apart.
Kindness and humerous love balances the indifference and craziness of the people.The frigile condition and suffering among the people eliminates all hope for the future as there seem to be no lasting salvation.
The rich and powerful are seen walking fearful they might catch the disease of the poor people.They cross the streats hurriedly to avoid them and those charitable enough throw coins at their tin cups.Children are seen in tattered and dirty cloths playing along road sides.
The author of this book explains the feeling of India on every page.The rotting smell,the noise,the culture that brings about a new understanding to the readers.Dalal,widowed is determined to make it in the slum.Women are seen to be of no value and are oppresed more.
Maneck kohlah is a young student sent by his parents from his village in the hills to seek education in the big city but ends up in the slum.People run away from terror in their villages and camp together in slums,This is as shown by Ishvar and his nephew a tailor who escape terror and find themselves in this kind of life.This group of people depend on each other and learn to appreciate each other.