Select an article relevant to your field of study from one of the following professional websites. You may not use the same article you used in your Unit 2 or Unit 4 Assignment. Read the article and apply what you have learned about appropriate language and writing professional documents to complete the following Assignment: Write a 1 to 1 and ½-page Executive Summary of the article you have chosen, organized into 3–4 paragraphs. You may write to a business audience either for the company you currently work for, or imagine that you are working as a consultant for a business or non-profit or charity organization and write to an appropriate audience within that organization. Summarize the main points of this article and explain how the information contained within the article is relevant to a specific issue or problem the company is currently facing. Make a recommendation for what your audience should do with this information. You may use information from sources other than the original article that you use as the basis for your Executive Summary, but if you use sources in your Executive Summary, you must give the sources credit using 6th edition APA format. Here is the article you will use

Executive summary
The article provides an evaluation of how organizations in Portland area manage their employees to improve their output. The report also highlights the methods used to carry out the assessment, findings, and offers recommendations to the company. Currently, most organizations in the area are grappling with high employee turnover which has lowered the productivity of the firm.
A survey was conducted on the organizations participating in Good Company Awards. The findings of the study indicate that some organizations have failed to respect the work-life balance of their employees. The study also realized that most firms lacked flexibility to handle staff from different backgrounds and cultures. Furthermore, the outcome of the analysis revealed that competitive pay was not offered to the workers of the firms. The article pointed out that most firms were aligning their working conditions to fit the work-life balance of the employees.
In conclusion, the report notes the firm’s current position fails to consider the welfare of its employees fully and needs to put in place changes in employment policy that will recognize work-life balance. The changes are designed to motivate the workers and boost the overall performance of the organization.
The main issue facing the organization is balancing the life and work schedule for its staff. The organization should therefore implement the information contained in the report to solve the life-work balancing issues experienced by its employees. Rife, Hamilton, & Hall (2015) explains that helping employees achieve the desired stability in work and life schedules boosts their productivity. The authors recommend eliminating customs in the organization, redesigning working hours and assignments, motivate employees to take control and balance their work and life schedules. Hackett (1998) propose that the company should take the initiative and adjust its employment policies according to the current work demand as a sign of caring for their employees. As a result, the company should put the information into practice

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