schorlarly writing

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Synthesis Paper Assignment: Discussion Section Description:

(please make any and all corrections that are needed based on your professor’s comments from Module 6 or there will be a 10 point deduction in overall points for this submission)

Prepare the Discussion section of your paper. The discussion section should contain two to five paragraphs and should be a discussion of how the literature review impacts your topic.  What does all the Literature Review state about your topic? Does the Literature agree with your topic or is there conflicting evidence? This is your opportunity to analyze the Literature Review and find the supporting facts to your topic. This is where you back up your Thesis statement.

Go back to your thesis statement and be sure to clearly apply your literature review to your thesis statement. What common themes did your literature review have? Was the contradicting information in the literature review? This is where you might choose to add practice examples that support your topic. You could also discuss if your Literature reveals the need for more research to be done.

Please make all corrections suggested in Module 6 as part of the grading rubric requires the changes to be made for each synthesis submission. Submit the entire document.