Planning a new venture – Know yourself Personal objectives Write down what you want in your life in the short, medium and long term:

Planning a New-Venture Know Yourself
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2.1 Planning a new venture – Know yourself
Personal objectives
Write down what you want in your life in the short, medium and long term:
What do I want to be? I would like to be a successful employee in my workplace. I would like to rise to a higher rank like that of a manager. I would like to be the chairman of the employee’s board.
What do I want to do? I would like to be a partner in any available business I would like to be well established in business to a level where I am known. I would like to expand my business worldwide in order to reach out to the global market.
What do I want to have? I would want to own a small property to serve the purpose of investment in future in case of any eventuality. I want a land where I can build my future home. My home with a big house enough to accommodate my family.

Assess where you are now. Summarize what you have to offer (strengths) and what you need to learn or minimize (weaknesses):
Technical skills • Enthusiasm
• Trustworthy
• Respectful
• Honesty
• Patience • Attempting to please everyone
• Self-criticism
Management competencies • Good in communication
• Goal oriented
• Am good in decision making • The never-ending search for favorite people to join my team.
• Expecting everyone to be accountable for their own actions
Personal attributes I am very kind, cooperative and patient with the situations around me. • I do not tolerate extremists
• I sometimes become rebellious

Entrepreneurial management behaviors • Vision and influence
• Able to assemble and motivate a business team
• Able to stir up efficient decision making in an organization. • Uncomfortable with possible future uncertainties.
• Preference for a structure which has already been established.

Clues from the past
Review your past life, and write down some specific moments when you felt purposeful and focused in a way that gave you satisfaction at the time and in retrospect. Also look at times when you felt less directed and adrift.
Personal qualities used or misused • I have the ability to work with my coworkers in harmony.
• I always feel the urge and will to share my knowledge base and skills with them
• I have good communication skills
Satisfying moments • I am satisfied when I see my family around me in good health and stature.
Dissatisfying moments • I feel dissatisfied when my family is not around or when they feel low and inadequate about themselves.
Clues to what you want and what you have to offer… • My coworkers like it when am around because of my knowledge base and skills that I share with them. This is a sign that I can be able to rise to a higher rank in an organization since I can be able to influence the activities positively within the workplace.
• I am also goal oriented following the successes I have had in the business plans I have formulated in the past.

Your specialty:
Use the following table to record your notes:
1. Positivity- I always believe that everyone can be done successfully when you have a mindset that is positive. When you surround yourself with the like-minded individuals who are positive and inspiring, then it is easier to achieve set goals
2. Persistence and Determination- I strongly believe that bigger goals do not require people who give up easily. It is therefore important to press harder to reach your personal objectives.
3. Patience- I also believe in the power of waiting. The fruits of our labor cannot be received now, and now, we have to wait a little bit or more.
4. Resilience ¬–I do not listen to negative opinions coming from individuals who are trying hard to push me out of my path. I am not a quitter since I believe in positively pushing through.
5. Adaptability- I am always open to adjustments that may come along. I allow more room for learning new concepts by being free to ask individuals who have traveled along the same path.
6. I also learn people very easily- this makes me be at a position to discover people’s intentions whether positive or negative.