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1. Title Page:  MUS 212 African Americans in Music – a Course Overview,  Sub-Title  The Diaspora of  African American Music:   Your name ,  Date ,  Spring 2020,

Douglas Jackson, Instructor.  The font requirements:   Georgia 14 point for the project.   Georgia 14 point is the font you are reading for the instructions.   

2.  Following your title  page;  Write a topic essay of 5 or more  paragraphs summarizing the purpose of the project.  Do not copy from the modules. 

3. In chronological order from 1600 – present.  Use the photographs provided or a photo of your choice for at least 1 slide per item/person.    In order to accomplish this you must look up the date of birth for each person or origin of the item.  If you cannot find a date put that person or item at the beginning of your presentation,  In the case of a due or group , find the earliest date for the group, do not use seperate slides for each member of the group.   

Each slide must include the following five bullet points:   

  • Name, date and place of birth, date of death when applicable.
  • Instrument, voice or other
  • Provide a detailed description of two or more sentences of how and why this person or object is important and cross-reference this information with related information. For example:  significant contributions to African American Music , music business, productions or invention.
  • Photograph

4. The project must have 1 title page, 1 or more essay pages and  21 slides or more of data.