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Brittney is a 25 year old, married, female.  She has a one year old child.  She presents to the PMHNP with a long-term hx of anxiety which she has managed on and off with therapy since age 13.  She relays a significant increase in anxiety ever since her pregnancy and endorses several psychosocial stressors including moving into a new home, financial strain from the higher mortgage payments, and the stress of leaving her child in daycare while she works 3 days per week as a hair stylist.  She endorses some depressive symptoms including depressed mood and anhedonia.  She has trouble sleeping, partly because she cannot fall asleep easily on her own and partly because she still wakes a couple times per night for nighttime parenting “though I also notice I wake on my own a few times too”.  She denies SI/HI, but says she has never also felt depressed before; she feels her anxiety is so overwhelming that it has caused the depressive episode and she is fearful it will cause problems in her marriage “he is understanding, but I see he is frustrated too”.  

Create a script of how you would approach a treatment plan for Brittney utilizing a shared decision making philosophy.  Put in quotations what you would say to her including the additional questions you would ask her and what you would say to her as you: offer two medication options and provide your script of how you would present each option in terms of potential risks, benefits, and side effects and how you would personalize this for Brittney as an individual