Majority of businesses still treats customers poorly. The notable shrinking profit margin is evidence that corporations are in constant look for saving ways.

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Majority of businesses still treats customers poorly. The notable shrinking profit margin is evidence that corporations are in constant look for saving ways. Customer service is an essential aspect of the success of a company, but sadly it is typically the first to suffer. Fortunately for clients there exit a way to voice your frustrations using the complaints driven websites.
Some of the best consumer complaints website include:
a) HissingKitty- founded in 2010. They have a complaint form which is easier to use, and they also have lots of different categories.
b) TrustPilot- it works for hand in hand with Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Customers can, therefore, submit a complaint after signing up to these social media platforms since its where things get fun.
c) My3cents- contrary to the websites where you have to sign in through social media platforms or fill the long form, this website offers a complaint form that is simple and straightforward.
d) ComplaintsBoard- this is one of the largest complaint website since it has the biggest database of complaints, trailing RipoffReport. The website is also one among many featuring videos and photos prominently.
e) RipoffReport – the oldest and the largest. It covers the perfect spectrum of customer’s challenges from scams, complaints, reviews, and frauds.
f) PissedConsumer – it has unique features compared to others. It creates a mini-website referred to as the domain for every listed company. It also has great data concerning companies such as trends and popular complaints.
g) this operates more of a blog than a website.
h) CustomerServiceScoreboard- it is more creative since it goes further ahead to provide a scoreboard for every company within their listings.
SOFTWARE iTunes Complaint The customer says that despite the fact that there was no pricing indicated on the apps, he noticed that he was charged through his credit card bill. The customer went ahead to provide evidence over the same which was through a captured screenshot. Product I think the complaint is outrageous because of the fact that the customer was charged for downloading the apps which had no pricing. The Apple company should inform the customer whether the app is free or charged. And in case it is charged, the prices should also be indicated.

EDUCATION Complaint made about Transtutors This is a complaint made by a student about the JAVA assignment submitted to Transtutor. The said assignment was split into two parts, and the student ensured that the Base/Partial code was written by himself. The tutor handling the assignment instead mishandled the assignment, and the student was even late with the delivery. Service I think the complaint is outrageous because the seemingly confident tutor failed to deliver the done assignment on the required time.

BUSINESS Complaint about the Canadian goose Borden
A customer made a complaint concerning the warranty of the Canadian goose jackets. The customer was not concerned about the fur but felt the warranty period which according to the company is supposed to be a lifetime. He spent $988 on his jacket three years ago, and it is already showing wear and tear holes in the fabric. When he made a complain to the company to have his jacket fixed, the result was that the Canada Goose did not show any will at all to do the fixing. Disappointed with the company’s overpricing and cheap fabric, the customer pledged to never buy any of their product and to inform his family, friends, and co-workers about his experience with the company.
Product I believe the complaint above is outrageous because the company needs to provide consumers with legit information. By telling the consumers that the fabric used to make the jacket is one that lasts for a lifetime is itself a scam. This customer may have spent the said $988 on the jacket with the belief that the jacket will last much longer. I feel for him because he was charged too much only to be served with an unauthentic product. It is therefore evident that the company takes advantage of the warranty factor to overcharge its customers.

TRAVEL Complaint on Travelgenio Agency on the inability to change the flight. This customer had booked a return flight, Zurich to Guangzhou then back. She argues that Travelgino refused to change the itinerary for her regardless of the fact that they had earlier charged her 350 euros and assured her help. Service I think the complaint is outrageous because the company charged the customer a lot for a service that ought to have been done for free or at a lower cost.

BANKING Fraud by the Bank of America towards a customer. Susan argues that the Bank of America imposed a charge of $683 on her bank account without her knowledge. The bank through the customer service desk insisted that it is her husband who had earlier authorized the transactions. Service It is outrageous because it is not ethical for a banking company to make a paper check with a customer name without their consent.