Local Area Network is a network used for data communication in a particular geographical zone. It enables high bandwidth data communication.

Development of Local Area Connection in the Accounting Firm.
Task 1: Project Assessment Report (15/25 marks)
Local Area Network is a network used for data communication in a particular geographical zone. It enables high bandwidth data communication. It consists of three elements namely, transmission medium, control mechanism and an interface. (CLARK, et al., 1978). The local Area Network can be wired or wireless. The wired LAN makes use of Ethernet for connecting devices together. When Wi-Fi signals are used, wirelesses LAN is created.
PROJECT NAME: Construction of a Local Area Network
Due to increased interest from the public and the support, the firm needs expanding the private database and financial proceedings. There has been a drastic daily increase in the number of customers in the accounting industry, viewed to have very many positive impacts on the firm. An increase in the number of clients served by the company means the amount of output data the company should also increase. A challenge of Data Management that needs urgent attention arises due to the factors above. Therefore, for proper and fast management of these data, the firm has made a plan of raising its own Local Area Network. The network is a project that will help in managing data for accounting, data storage, and resources sharing. The time expected for the project is about 62 days from the day of commencement to the day of commissioning.
PROJECT’S SPONSOR: Accounting Firm.
Background Information.
LAN is connectional of computers within a given geographical area for sharing of information, printing machines, and relevant apparatus. Therefore, it can be used in an Accounting Factory. It aids in accounting actions in time to come and in the firm’s management actions. Upon completion, the project will enable sharing of resources in the company. The project’s funding will be from the company to its end and commissioning. The task was set to begin on 25th August 2016 and to be completed on 27th October 2016.
Project Purpose
The primary purposes of establishing the LAN is for use within the firm for better performance and reduce the number of resources used for small tasks. The project will help the workers share files and printing machines and other useful materials that are within the company. It will also ease overloading of data and help synchronize activities in the firm.
Project Needs Analysis- This entails investigating and assessing the demand for the project. Management of data and service improvement are necessary due to the large size of the company. The LAN is required to achieve all these by providing a standard work.
Develop Specifications- The time estimation for the project is two months with a requirement of about two million Australian currency. The company will provide all the resources to be used in creating this project until completion. The selected team of professionals will be in charge of all activities for the whole period. Weekly shareowners sessions to be held to deliberate on the growth of task.
Select Server – Servers are computer-based programs that store files, which can be accessed by servers. The company is to contacts experienced specialists in server development to construct file servers and print servers.
Select Software- This program joins computer servers and the clients and will be used for data transfer between the available computing machines and the printing machines.
Select Cable- This initiates the link between different machines in a network. Cables capable of 4GB data transmissions of digital data in a second will be used. They should meet the Standard of Australia that controls the transfer of digital information.
Purchase Equipment- Materials for the development of the network will come from an outstanding dealer. These materials consist of software, computers, clippers, and cables.
Develop User Manual- This shows the agreed standard of operations protocols and instructions on how to maintain and manage the network.
Wire Offices- This work entails joining the computers through a wired network. The company controls this activity.
Setup Server- The contracted specialists will do server setup, the control, and establishment of the installation. To achieve this, hiring highly qualified individuals are recruited for the development and maintenance of the server.
Develop Training Program- Timing for this sensitization is to take place before commissioning of the network to maintain the required standards of operations. The purpose of training is to enhance the workplace through expansion of the expertise of the employees on the net.
Install Software- This is a requirement to establish a LAN. It’ purpose is to enable a variety of Operation Systems with a different manual for the users.
Connect Network- The adoption of a star topography will be to enable proper routing. For Security purposes in the network, there is an integration of access levels into the system. The Normal and System administration level (who is guaranteed full access to the system) of an interface will be used to control the access levels.
Train Users- The users are educated on the use of the network by setting up assist desks.
Test and Debug- Carrying out of this exercise is to minimize any possible system failure by carrying out tests using a variety of operating systems and types of data. Upon identification of errors, corrective measures are undertaken to minimize any possible mistakes in the order.
Get Management Acceptance- The manager should grant the permission for the use of the already established local area network.

The Project Network Diagram
The time for construction of the LAN should last for two months, two days after the establishment of the critical path. All the vital activities in the process include; performance of need analysis, developing specifications, server selection, purchase of equipment, wiring offices, network connection, system testing, and debugging and acquiring management acceptance should not be delayed because when this happens, the project deadline will elapse before completion.
Putting off activity 2 for two days will not have any effect on the period of the project. The project diagram illustrates that activity D is within the projects ‘critical path’ hence delaying the activity D by a day consequently delays the project by an extra day. When activity C is the near successor to D in the network diagram, the duration of the project takes six more days, and there exists a change in the ‘crucial path’ to A – B – C – D – H – F – L – N – O.
Including new exercises in the project expects to affect the project time plan based on the length of time needed and its position in the project. In this case, the time to complete the work, being three days does not have any change on the project’s ‘critical path.’ Failure to attend training increases the time taken by the project and hence a change in the ‘significant path to A – B – D – G – J – M – O. The change increases the time taken for the work to sixty-seven days.

Task 2: Work Breakdown Structure. (10/25 marks)

The Tournament Structure Organization
The work breakdown structure provides the detailed form of the project’s work. It will offer a necessary approach to the activities carried out in the process of organizing the soccer matches. The WBS will also aid her in fixing her challenges.
To find additional information for developing work breakdown structure, Jane ought to acquire the aid from WBS encyclopedia. The former WBS used to organize football and doing more research before calling for another convention should assist her.
The expectation from the WBC is to avail the necessary knowledge on the amount job one is supposed to undertake before and during the tournament for the success of the activity. The tasks performed containing all information relating to the functions are availed after the generation of the WBS structure. Hence, the cost required for the individual activities can index with ease. The WBS also assists in minimizing the variation that exists between the estimated expenses and the real value. It does this by splitting each task into subunits.

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