It’s a capital punishment given to people who violate rules and laws or norms and values according to the community or state.

It’s a capital punishment given to people who violate rules and laws or norms and values according to the community or state. It is a punishment meant to correct malice character in the community. Death penalty means doing away with one’s life completely. It is normally done in various ways according to the laws of the country, some of the ways are beheading, electric chair, gas chamber, hanging, lethal injection and shooting. Death penalty is practised by most societies as a punishment for criminals, political and religious dissidents.
As from above the methods employed in death penalty seem to be humiliating and violate of civil rights laws of the humans. It means doing away with the life of human beings which is against the human rights article2 of the charter of fundamental rights of European Union. The council of Europe which has 47 member states prohibit the use of death penalty. Many countries around the world have abolished capital punishment. Abolition was often adopted due to political change as when countries shifted from authoritarianism to democracy. To me this statement means initially the way the criminals were handled was in such a brutal manner. Abolitionists believe capital punishment is the worst violation of human rights because the right to life is very important. I inflict to the condemned the psychological torture.
On the other side death penalty could be helpful in one way or another. Some of the criminals do the crimes intentionally. It could be because of revenge for the wrong doing or due to influence from the peers. This makes the public or authorities take a step so us to eradicate the malice character. Let’s take for instance terrorism, robbery that involves sophisticated weapons. To maintain peace and order a harsh step should be taken to the victims involved. The states where death penalty is permitted include California; it has the largest number of inmates on the death row. Maybe it’s because of its large population and the improved technology. This calls for more sophisticated crimes.
Execution of criminals and political opponents has been used by nearly all societies both to punish crime and suppress political dissent. Countries use it for murder espionage, treason or as part of military justice. In some countries sexual crimes such as rape, incest, adultery and sodomy carry the death penalty as do religious crimes such as apostasy in Islamic nations. Drug trafficking is also off the death some countries militaries around the world courts martial have imposed death penalty for offences such as cowardice, desertion, insubordination and mutiny.
The use of formal executions extends to the beginning of recorded history. Most historical records and various primitive practises indicate the death penalty was their part of justice system. Communal punishment for wrong doing generally indicated corporal punishment, shunning ,banishment and execution. Usually compensation and shunning were enough as a form of justice
The death penalty has for juveniles offenders (criminals aged under 18 years has become increasingly rare. Though Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen were reported to have executed child offenders, the most being from Iran. I can conclude death penalty has its own disadvantages to the state. It leads to reduction of the population. Able men and women are killed hence reducing the work force. The young innocent blood is murdered who should be the future generation. It’s all against almost all religions except Muslims who believe killing puts you closer to god that it’s a holy thing. This is manifested in the Jihad war. From this to me it’s not a necessary thing to do when there is room for criminals to change by using different methods. Could be rehabilitation, counselling and many more. I would like to urge states that practise death penalty to employ different methods of dealing with crimes.