It is indubitably clear that one of the most essential roles of art and painting in society is to pass critical information to people that would otherwise not be able to be communicated through word of mouth.

Ceramic Art
It is indubitably clear that one of the most essential roles of art and painting in society is to pass critical information to people that would otherwise not be able to be communicated through word of mouth. However, it is also noted that art and painting is one of the greatest arts that can pass information from generation to generation without necessarily the need for the artist. The exemplification of Leaonard da Vinci’s art of the Last supper where Jesus was with the disciple, a night before his death has run down in history to be one of the oldest and prolific arts of all time. Therefore, the most essential issue is taking a critical understanding when analyzing any work of art. In fact, Lewis (1934) states that there is no any figure of art that is just placed in the art without meaning. Every figure or structure in the art is place symbolizing the art. Therefore, this paper analyzes this work of art from a deeper perspective and then proceeds with a comparison with other artists in the field.
Critical analysis of the work
Principally, the art has taken a critical understanding in almost all the arts. For instance, the figure for Nike has been painted with his hand holding a container. This is an illustration of his love for his ol company that has always been remembered over the years. The container essentially demonstrates as if he is carrying oil in the container. It shows a lot of passion for his company’s success and greater focus on quality products. Further, yang player is one of the two players in badminton in the world history to have won two world Badminton Championships Men’s singles titles consecutively (1987 and 9189). Additionally, Yang won men’s singles gold medal when Badminton was just a demonstration sport at the 1988 summer Olympics. In fact, anybody in the sport can never ignore Yang’s quick footwork, accurate power, great agility and coolness under pressure when in the field, doing what he was born to do. He is regarded as one of the finest players in the history of the sports. In looking at his paint, holding the shuttlecock essentially communicates to any other person who does not know Yang that the person is associated to the sport in some way (McDonald, 2008). In most cases, it draws attentions and creates curiosity to the audience to research about the person. However, for those who already know the person, such a figure reminds them of great moments. In fact, some even remember one particular occasion when the player shined or did the wonders of his history.
In the food industry, McDonalds is one of the growing Companies with many branches worldwide. Having named as one of the largest food restaurant globally, the company has employed millions of people and taken a strategic position in the current and contemporary world. Therefore, the figure shown with its Nimble on the forepart of the founder demonstrates essentially that the person is associated to the company and passionately working to ensure its success. Hence, Maurice McDonlad, the longest lived among the brothers cannot be underestimated and hence drown with very smiling face. Fat lee, Ciao and Super are other great businessmen that have defined the world economy.
The greatest fortune is when one has all these business people sited together and talking on a table. One wonders what their discussion could be. As shown from the figure, it creates curiosity about what agenda such people could hold. This is mostly due to the fact that they are all great CEO with a lot of wealth and with the capability to change the world if they implement whenever decisions. Understandably, such people have even great influence to governments. Hence they sometimes define a nations decision towards a particular issue. As shown in the art, in such occasions, wealth is always observed and evidenced. In this case, it is shown by how much they have drunk with cups lying on the table. A show that each one is drunk and they are all in harmony.
However, as it goes, there is always one mastermind at the center. The CEO of McDonalds is shown with Lee following. The reason could either be having a chairperson that is also skilled in the food industry, the founder therefore, comes in. The other images indeed demonstrate a great sense of communicative showing the world of riches and the world of poor.
Comparing and contrasting with other artists
To understand my work of art, it is essential to have a look at a deep comparison with other works that have been done in the past. Firstly, there is a lot of similarity with Khafre, a life-size Egyptian sculpture made of diorite stone from much later, circa 2,500 b.c.e.. This is particularly from the ideological perspective. Secondly, I will never forget to focus on deep understanding of Leonardo da Vinci’s work. The ideologies presented by the artwork demonstrate essential information that has been remembered till today. The khafre is a Khafre is a “Ka” statue, meant to be buried with the mummified body of the king of which he is a portrait. This portrait is to serve as a back-up to the mummy that could offer a place for Ka, or soul, to the reside at night. The portrait also helps the Ka recognize its residence and body. Most Egyptian art focused on permanence and the afterlife such as this one. Whereas Venus is probably an offering to the gods and a symbol of life to an entire culture, Khafre is meant to retain the individual man’s soul and help him travel to and from the afterlife (Wolford, Bailey, & Higgins, 2009). The first similarity is that both sculptures are life size clothed and are both stone. They are both human figures though with a huge difference in style.
Khafre is naturalistic and serves as a portrait, although it is depicted quite flawlessly, and thus is idealized. The Egyptian sculpture has a refined surface and contains precise detail in the face’s features and in the reliefs on the throne on which Khafre sits. One feels the block of the stone from which it was carved and is very formal, stiff, and rigid. Khafre’s blockiness and dark color add to its strong sense of permanence, common to Egyptian sculpture of royalty. In essence, as compared to my sculpture they have both deep ideology and hence symbols of particular information
Another is the Leonardo da Vinci’s work where