Increase communication between the patient and their health care provider.

• Increase communication between the patient and their health care provider.
• Give educational health to the patients.
• Launch health forums that can be launched online making it easy for the patient to get health improvement tips.
• Give comfort to the patients as they access their health information at the comfort of their homes without straining.
• Gives assurance of confidentiality on the patients’ records since every patient is required to have a pin protected account.
• Easy securing of appointments with their medical practioners.
• Provision of documentation organization.
• The availability of the patient portal has made it possible for patients to have a more active role in their own healthcare.
• Providing family care givers a way of being acutely aware of relevant health information for their loved ones.
• Provision of timely access to health services.
A patient portal looks much like a Web site, but the similarities end there. A Web site offers a static user experience while a Web-based patient portal is a gateway into a medical practice for patients. A portal provides a secure, compliant, two- way communication channel between patients and their health care providers.
Unlike your practice’s office operations, the portal provides convenient, 24-hour, self-service options. It allows patients to handle business and clinical interactions with your practice at their convenience, and allows your staff to respond when it suits them.
While the features of portals may vary, the options typically allow patients to complete, manage or communicate with their provider regarding the following outlined sub topics:
• Registration.
This requires the patient to have an email address to enable them to create a pin secured account on the health. Other information like date of birth, ID number, credit card or bank account number, place of residence might be needed during the online registration for the online health services.
• Financial clearance
Since services are never rendered for free during the online registration the issuing of credit card or bank account numbers makes it easy for the health providers to access their funds by having the credit card numbers of their subscribers. After the clearance of the required fee has been completed only then the account of the subscriber is activated.
• Medical history
A form is provided for the subscriber to fill in which gives a summation of the medical history of the patient making it easy for the doctors to know exactly how to advice or deal with the individual.
• Appointment scheduling requests and confirmations.
This online based service has to allow appointment scheduling between patient and the health provider. Makes it easy for both parties to have a specific operating schedule.
• Appointment recalls for preventive and other recommended care.
Also of help to those seeking preventive measures against different diseases .advice on different situations are given online
• Specialty referrals.
In case of arising complication the patient is allowed a chance to decide where he or she should be referred to for better health care.
• Test results notification and tracking.
A systematic way of results follow up after tests have been done on the individual. In other words a more simplified system of results follow up
• Patient-health care provider communication.
Emergency and hotline numbers are provided on the website or portal homepage just in case the patient needs further consultations.
• Prescription renewal.
Since this is a health issue legal procedures have to be put up concerning prescription renewal. If the patient wishes to renew his or her contract with the health providers then there are procedures to follow even when not renewing their subscription to the service.

Coming up with an information technology team to create the website portal service and also provide education to the general community on ways to operate gadgets that connect to the internet like laptops , tablets and smartphones. This procedure has several steps that is:
Step one- engage patients and provide awareness on the services to them.
Step two- speaking out loud concerning the portal and encouraging its usage.
Step three- provision of fliers and take a step to educate the patients what the portal and services given are all about.

• Employing of medical doctors that will be consulted by the patients and agreeing on the terms of payment with them.
• Other than the medical doctors a nurse or two should be appointed also since they also have specific roles. The roles are:
To encourage use of the patient portal, to educate the patient on the benefits of the portal, to speak up the benefits of the portal to the patient and to engage patients and provide feedback.
• Coming up with a clearly well pronounced and organized mode financial clearance and bill payment that doesn’t stress any of the parties involved. This is achieved by submission of credit card numbers or information on bank accounts.
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