In what way has technology changed the way people in today’s society interact with one another? Do you feel this change is more positive or negative?

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Effects of technology on human interaction
Human beings possess a natural urge to connect with other people and nature. Technology has given people better tools for use in networking. The essay analyses three ways that technology has changed the way people interact. The article holds the claim that technology has negatively impacted human interaction.
Technological innovation has seen the development of tools that act as a medium of communication between people. The tools like mobile phones and social media were meant to make communication happen in real time despite the distance between two parties. However, frequent usage of communication devices and social media sites is replacing human to human interaction as users now prefer to spend most of their time interacting with the electronic gadgets rather than with other people. As a result, values like empathy, respect, loyalty, and love can no longer get expressed with the actual meaning felt when face to face communication occurs.
Secondly, technology offers virtual platforms for people to interact and socialize or even carry out business deals without the need of a physical meeting. Being virtual, it becomes difficult to ascertain the character or the intentions of the person one is in communication. The communication between individuals can deteriorate and give way to vices like cyberbullying and cybercrime. Whereas human to human interaction enables the people to judge the character of the other person, technology takes away that ability as people can create online personalities that suit their interests.
Lastly, technology can help people reach out to each other in times of need like during major disasters. News and other information are quickly sent out to people in different locations to inform them of the happening. As a result, people can relocate to safer areas or offer help when needed.
In conclusion, technology has both positive and negative impacts on the way human beings interact. If not well managed, technology can negatively affect the way people connect. Therefore, the essay concludes that technology negatively impacts human interaction.