In 2002, when I was in the third year of high school, an internet and web boom occurred and having felt fascination in making game and videos through flash, I majored in computers at Korea’s prestigious Korea University.

In 2002, when I was in the third year of high school, an internet and web boom occurred and having felt fascination in making game and videos through flash, I majored in computers at Korea’s prestigious Korea University. Afterwards, whilst fulfilling my military duty at the Air Force, I met a friend who was a big player in the KOSDAQ market and due to his influence; I read diverse investment related books to gain genuine interest in finance.

At the time in Korea, the concept of ‘value investment’ was being applied in earnest and I made and was active in an Air Force club called“M&B(Management and Business)”. As well as value investment, I debated and accumulated knowledge about economics and business management as a whole. I continued with M&B activity until 2010 after discharging from the military and in charge of the financial management and economics area, I shared knowledge.

The value investment related shares increased considerably in 2007 and formed a bubble thanks to the share boom. Ultimately, with the 2008 global financial crisis, shares plummeted and the market changed dramatically. Thanks to this, I learnt of the importance of risk management and diversified investment. The derivatives transactions were lively because the 2008 Korea share market had a low individual derivatives barrier of entry. As the variability was big, there were many opportunities for investment. Since I wanted to apply this investment opportunity through statistics and data, I read many books and considered profoundly.

Finding various methods such as correlation analysis between indexes, I found that there was significant bias if a regression analysis was conducted by dividing by price interval. I thought of a method of liquidating the next day after purchasing options to the closing prices according to the probability. Since much data processing was needed to calculate probability, while finding a method of automating this through program, I got to know of quant. In was from then that I became fascinated in quant and craved to learn more about it.

Although I had great interest in finance, in order to amass more specialties, I took courses of business majors (finance management, accounting, investment theory etc.) other than my major of computers. Moreover, I prepared for the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants (KICPA) exam. Although I passed the first examination, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful with the second. Albeit not being able to acquire a certificate, it was a fine experiencing amassing knowledge by studying a barrage of finance related subjects (economics, business management, finance management, cost management, accounting etc.) Subsequently, I did not take an exam, but prepared for employment and entered Hoban Constructions for economic independence.

Although Hoban Constructions grew through a housing project, it was in a situation of insufficient future growth engine due to supply constraints of new housing sites. Furthermore, it especially had large needs of financial business expansion such as approximately 15 trillion Won of project scale, approximately 2 trillion Won of surplus cash and new project through zero debt management. For around four years, I was in charge of reviewing M&A regarding more than 200 sales such as Asiana Airlines, SK Securities, Ebest Investment & Securities, Kumho Tire, Lead Corp, Seongnam Bobath Hospital, Gangnam Parnas, Seoul Banyan Tree, Maestro CC, Bluebird CC and Ultra Constructions. Of the many companies that I reviewed, Ultra Constructions, Woobang E&C and Jeju Pacific Land succeeded in M&A and other companies either failed in bidding or did not participate in the bidding due to the owners’ decision. Apart from standardized review such as finding FCFF and EV, I visited the company with sales supervising companies and tried meeting with the executives and staff. Meeting the related industry’s specialists and lawyers, I exchanged information and amassed experienced regarding dealing.
Apart from M&A tasks, I founded a specialist funds management team within the company to invest surplus funds within the company and established related investment regulations. After expanding to the real estate financial business that has demand but a low supply and low number of market players, I started a lotting-out beneficial right mortgage business regarding superior affiliates (received around more than 15% of interest yearly) and recorded a high profitability.

Moreover, in early 2017, I established a venture capital called “Cornerstone Investment Partners Co. Ltd, which had a capital of 20 billion Won. This company, which I planned the establishment of, succeeded in many cases of IPO and convertible bonds investment to make it’s predicted sales profit of this year approximately 6 billion Won. To add, I pursued the establishment of accelerator that concentrates on a start-up’s early investment and nurturing. In this way, I accumulated experience regarding the financial business through a myriad of task experience.

Through a long interest in finance, I have obtained greed about learning. I would like to try applying what I have experienced in the field systematic learning. I would like to verify and analyze as figures the ideas related to what I have thus far thought about investing such as bargain sale and temporary over-sale, and want to make a program that renders more convenient trading. Moreover, I like sharing what I have learnt. When studying for accountant, I helped many friends that found financial management difficult due to their weak mathematical background.

I like thinking up ideas and analyzing them. While I am familiar with programming as I have majored in computers, I believe that the fact that I have experience in the business management, economics and accounting area is an advantage in my future majoring of financial engineering.

I have the advantage of possessing considerable passion. When making the option investment probability calculation program, I looked for statistics related books, staying overnight in the library. After entering Hoban Constructions too, thanks to a passionate attitude, I was specially promoted from a rank-and-file worker to chief in just one year and was selected as the best employee in 2017. In contrast, due to my excessive passion, I sometimes have the drawback of not thinking about my priorities. Therefore, I strive to gain the habit of thinking about my priorities when I wake up in the morning.

Although it has been more than ten years since financial engineering has entered Korea, I believe that there are still many areas that must be pioneered and applied. Although Korea has big fund management companies such as the National Pension, Teachers’ Pension and the Military Mutual Aid Association, it has stayed at traditional asset investment such as bonds and the profitability through alternative investment has not reached the established expected value of 6%. I would like to major in financial engineering and contribute to the development of Korea’s financial engineering.

USC Master of Science in Financial Engineering is one of the world’s leading private research universities with its strength lying in mentoring. Thus it will be of great aid in planning my career. I hope to enter USC, realize my dream and develop the financial engineering industry.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which has developed a broad and unique network of outstanding research centers, as the oldest technological research university in the U.S, will be of immense aid in planning my career.
The advantages at Georgia State University, including mentoring, globally leading faculty and alumni networks, will of considerable help in planning my career.