If you have any materials or instructions helpful for the work please send those in the reply email.

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If you have any materials or instructions helpful for the work please send those in the reply email.

1. Assessment format: PDF or Word ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format no larger than 40Mb.

2.(subject)Topic: VISUAL CULTURE / How visual culture be used to advance social or environmental change? Answer with reference to specific images, placed in cultural and historical context

3. Length: 3000 words

4.Due date: 6th December 2017

5.Assessment description and instructions: The module name is Cultural and Historical Studies and I’m in a Visual Culture’s group. We must talk about culture and need to re-present cultural theory and ideology. (when tutor read my essay, she told me that there’s no cultural theory explain and no ideology point) Also need not more than 4 pictures in this essay about artist’s work and need to explain what ideology has include in the work and it is change social or environmental change.

6.Required resource : Visual culture: an introduction – John A Walker, Sarah Chaplin

“Mixing Pop (Culture) and Politics”: Cultural Resistance, Culture Jamming, and Anti Consumption Activism as Critical Public Pedagogy Jennifer A. Sandlin & Jennifer L. Milam

the handbook of visual culture/Heywood, B Sandywell

Howells- Ideology
Need more about banksy’s book

You can see a more reading list at the course hand-book!

7.Reference style: Harvard style

8.Assessment Criteria :

9. etc

10. attachment

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