I choose Dr Pepper Snapple Group as my research, writing its leadership. The aspects of company's activity in the Rubric! it's very important!

Institutional affiliation

Top leaders within the organization and the qualities that make them good leaders
Dr. Pepper Snapple group specializes in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of non-alcoholic drinks. Since the company’s inception in 2008, the leadership style embraced by the company leaders has managed to propel the company to greater heights (“Leadership | Dr. Pepper Snapple Group,”2017). The top leaders of Dr. Pepper Snapple group include;
President and CEO: Larry D. Young
Executive vice president: Jaxie alt
Executive vice president and counsel: Jim Baldwin
Packaged beverages- president: Rodger Collins
Chief financial officer: Marty Ellen
CEO Bai brands: lain Hancock
Executive vice president supply chain: Derry Hobson
Executive vice president: David Thomas
What makes these people good is that they work as a team and embrace the situational style of leadership. Teamwork enables better and quality decisions. Situational leadership is transformational in that it gives all the leaders an opportunity to guide the others in the area where the leader is most qualified (Peak, 2012). As such, there are any bureaucratic procedures thereby making every leader in the company an active decision maker. Looking at these leaders profiles, it is evident it is a diverse team consisting of people from different background. The company has over the years appointed different people in top leadership thereby giving the company a global image. As such there are Indians Americans, Russians among other people in the top management.
What the leadership is doing that is making their company better or worse
Situational leadership that Dr. Pepper Snapple group embraces is transforming the company and making it better with each passing day (Curşeu,2011 ). The leadership has also seen the adoption of the flat lattice organizations as opposed to hierarchical structure. This structure has made it possible for all the employees to participate in the daily operations of the company. As such, employee motivation has been largely increased by the top leadership through the situational type of leadership.

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