Healthcare disparities to discrepancies in health care between different populations.

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Healthcare disparities to discrepancies in health care between different populations. These discrepancies are brought about by financial status, gender, age, sexual orientation. The health care disparities should be addressed because they do not only interfere with the population unable to access healthcare provision but also interferes with the overall quality of care in a region( Orgera & Artiga, 2018). Despite most people having access to the Affordable Health Act, some people based on their financial prowess and eligibility have been able to access the health insurance cover and this has greatly improved their access to healthcare (Kullgren et al. 2016). Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was basically brought into place to reduce barriers related to affordability, this PPACA was meant to increase the quantity of those under insurance cover and reduce some of the financial boundaries affecting access of care.
The PPACA handles financial barriers while there are also non-financial impediments that affect the quality of care. The quality of care is also affected by the non-financial barriers, the non-financial barriers should, therefore, be addressed to effectively improve the quality of care (Kullgren et al. 2016). The nonfinancial barriers to health care can affect the accessibility, acceptability, accommodation and availability of the care program.
Public health programs are closely related to health insurance. Medicare and Medicaid are health programs that were developed to help deliver quality healthcare. Since these programs are launched to the public they become public health programs. In the U.S, healthcare is provided through a mix of both private and public systems (Murdock, 2016) The privatization and decentralization of the U.S healthcare cause significant public health indications. Therefore, this forms the relationship between health insurance and public health programs.

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