Having studied abroad in Japan, learning Japanese and communicating with Japanese people was not easy.

Short Project Proposal *
Briefly, describe the project you would like to complete (100 words).

Having studied abroad in Japan, learning Japanese and communicating with Japanese people was not easy. As time passed by, communicating with Japanese people became natural and l began to familiarize with their thoughts and culture. Now, living in the US and trying to learn English and including communicating with the people here is generally difficult., I have come to realize realized that with my intentions not being conveyed properly and the people not understanding my stories, it was is not easy. Moreover, I gained the thought of wanting to make intodeveloped an interest insaa artistic works the difficulty that people felt when communicating. I wanted to make such work at the Cooper Union and inducing e and expressing the thoughts that I wanted to cure myself.

Detailed Project Proposal *
Briefly describe the project you would like to complete (100 words).

I gained the thought of craving to make a large installation work with the subject of communication. When The first time living in New York and learning English, there were many difficulties in communicating with the people. Although in my mind, Thoughtfully, I was speaking in my own language and shouting expressing what I wanted to say specifically,. However, people understood it differently and wrongly. Eventually, the relationships between me and other persons people began cracking. ThereforeTherefore, such misunderstandings rendered me to want to express the agony, hardship, curing and the image of growth by making a large installation. This included tedious and work of, unfolding stories that I had experienced while living in New York. I express my communication intentions with the subject of a to a person’s face and emotions. Especially specifically, my emotions that were felt when first meeting people will bebehave to be expressed through conversation method as pictures. I want to make a work where two images of positive and negative aspects exist regarding what foreigners living in New York or foreigners studying abroad want to cure. I believe that both positivity and negativitythese aspects are will serve as essential factors for all people.

artist statement

I often draw the faces of people. Although this is drawing other images that are completely the opposite of me, I try to express the emotions I felt feel through the drawings. I strive to complete with the emotions that I tried to convey through works not expressed through in words such as the anger, sadness, happiness, and enjoyment I felt towards someone. I believe that my diverse emotions are completed by the faces of peoplethe faces of people complete my diverse emotions.

To add, I gain inspiration from novels and philosophy. I try to express through artistic works the emotions I felt feel when reading the books, especially through the book’s subject and various passages.

The most memorable book was about Grotesque. Reading the book, I felt grotesque darkness, strangeness, mystery, and beauty and entered a Korean design graduate school to research and make works related to grotesque works.

Furthermore, I realized that it was mostly related to death and tried to express the image of the people being in agony between darkness and brightness regarding life and death.

Now I will make works with interest in science, technology and the sample of the human body as well as diverse animals such as the wolf, deer, and giraffe.

In addition, I have interest in using objetobjects from the abandoned material for installation art. There are many abandoned many-abandoned trashes in New York and I made work from trash believing that there were many useful materialmaterials from the trash.

I am currently researching and experimenting to do workresearching, experimenting to do work, and installation art.


The right to use the studio is gained through residency. Since housing prices are expensive in New York, one cannot freely make large work nor do installation art. To do this, I want to use the studio to make diverse and large works with the emotions I felt during residency. There are subjects that I am interested in researching on. I want to make a large installation work through this. This is because I wanted to make a work with the problems of communication emotions I felt during miscommunications, emotions as a stranger, loneliness and emotions I felt, scared to go out due to the difficulty of communication. I want to leave as performance or work the video art, people’s faces and the image of people wandering around with no sense of belonging or place to go.

Thus, I want to express through work, the considerations of people’s emotions through residency.

biological Biological statement

Born in Korea and growing up in Korea, I studied in Japan at a young age and having been mesmerized by Japanese culture and novels, I lived in Japan reading many Japanese cultural works and novels. Moreover, admiring the animations of Miyajaki Hayao, I wanted to learn animation in Japan and went to an animation school there. Studying about Japanese animation, I craved to know more about Japanese design and colors and went to a Japanese design university. To learn more professionally graphic design and illustration, I went to a Korean graduate school and wrote a thesis. Having graduated after researching and writing a thesis about the subject I wanted to, now I am inat New York to pursue a career in art.