Have you ever posed to reflect on the tragedy of gun violence that visited Sandy Hook Elementary School? Welsh (2012) revealed that the incidence left twenty children and six adults dead.

Teachers should be armed
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Teachers should be armed
Step One: Attention/Introduction
Have you ever posed to reflect on the tragedy of gun violence that visited Sandy Hook Elementary School? Welsh (2012) revealed that the incidence left twenty children and six adults dead. How many times will gunmen walk into our schools and kill our children and teachers before we can act? Did you know that 181 school shootings have occurred since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary? School shootings affect students, professors, and future educators. For a long time, I have researched this subject extensively and I believe that teachers should carry guns in all states to protect our children from gunmen. Gun ownership among teachers will prevent mass shootings. Teachers should receive adequate training on the use of guns and have their guns locked except in cases of emergency.
Step Two: Establishing a Need
Sandy Hook shooting reminds us all about Victoria Soto, the legendary teacher who sought to hide her kids in a closet and was shot after she told the gunman that the kids were in the gym. According to Siebold (2013), Victoria could be alive today alongside colleagues and children who died on the very day. This problem did not start recently. In 1997, a student of Pearl High School killed two colleagues and hurt many others (Siebold, 2013). It took the intervention of the assistant principal who was armed to hold the shooter at gunpoint until the police arrived. Clearly, the failure to intervene in the case of Pearl High School could have led to more fatalities. In this regard, the need for teachers to have guns in schools cannot be gainsaid.
Nine states in the United States have passed legislations that allow teachers to have guns in school. School boards in the State of Missouri determine the various faculties that should be armed (Arenas & Blakely, 2014). Some teachers in the State are being trained on weapons to increase the capacity to protect children in case of incidences of school shootings. Teachers in Utah have carried guns for a decade now. Since then, there have never been incidences of fatal K-12 shootings in the state.
Step Three: Satisfying the Need
If Victoria Soto were armed, she could have probably shot the gunman rather than watch helplessly as the gunman took away her life and the lives of her students and colleagues. Alternatively, if Ms. Soto’s colleagues had guns, they could have rushed to her aid and prevented the gunman from perpetrating the atrocities in the school. The success of which the assistant principal of Pearl High School contained the situation demonstrates the ability of teachers to reduce incidences of school shooting if they are armed.
There is a need for the remaining states to pass laws that allow teachers to be armed in school. Already, states such as Utah and Idaho provide examples because there have been minimal cases of school shootings. Welsh (2012) noted that gun ownership among teachers make children safer and increase the possibility of defense in case of an emergency. Perhaps, gunmen who walk into schools and kill children and teachers have been motivated by the lack of legislations that encourage teachers to have guns. If this window is closed, there would be reduced incidences of school shootings.
Step Four: Visualization
As I have mentioned earlier, school shooting is profound due to the devastation that it causes to families, friends, and relatives of victims. In this regard, we must all step up and create the change we seek. Teachers can carry guns without being noticed. According to Boyette (2014), teachers in Harrold, Texas, carry concealed guns as a way of defending children from gunmen. We should equip teachers with arms and conceal their identities so that they cannot be noticed readily by gunmen.
Everyone is called upon to participate in legislations that would allow teachers to carry guns. States that have not passed these laws should move with speed to ensure that the laws are effective to protect our children from gun violence. When these changes are made, I envision happy schools where children will be motivated to learn without being engulfed by fear.
Step Five: Action: Conclusion
We can prevent another Sandy Hook episode if we have full confidence that teachers can protect our children. We must begin to look at teachers as a potential solution to the problem that is threatening to frustrate our children’s desire to learn. Education stakeholders, law enforcement agencies, and policy makers must come to a roundtable to explore this possibility. As Greg Pruett observed, we can stop bad guys with guns if we allow good guys to possess and use arms in times of crisis.

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