From the passage, the mountain is a symbolic representation of the human mind. The trees of the Niu Mountain represent the benevolence and rightness of the mind. They represent the sanity of the mind that an individual usual has when he has not been exposed to evil and injustice. The mind though can be made good again the way trees can be planted on the mountain.


From the passage, the mountain is a symbolic representation of the human mind. The trees of the Niu Mountain represent the benevolence and rightness of the mind. They represent the sanity of the mind that an individual usual has when he has not been exposed to evil and injustice. The mind though can be made good again the way trees can be planted on the mountain.
The author thinks that the human nature is initially good and constructive. From the beginning the mind of a man has benevolence and righteousness. A man’s mind loses its goodness through various ways if it is not given proper nourishment. Generally we have righteousness and goodness of mind, it will diminish or we can maintain it depending on what we feed it with.
The author says that there are numerous ways in a man loses his proper goodness of mind in a similar manner to that used to bring down trees on the Niu Mountain. Some of the ways that can make the mind lose its goodness are corruption, hatred, discrimination, evil thoughts about our friends, anger, discrimination among others. When the mind is subjected to conditions which are not morally right, then the mind loses its proper sanity. It is destroyed through subjection to continuous wrong deeds.
` Written 2300 years ago, the passage talks of elements of “benevolence” and “righteousness” which are still present today. These two are characteristics of a good human mind. This tells us that all men of all ages and cultures at some point of their life they had this feature before they lost it. Hence it is shared among people of different cultures.


Greenspan is being realistic. Many people in society who have used underhand methods are successful. They find their wealth through unscrupulous means. They are corrupt and are not carefully to doing what is honest and acceptable to the society. When we obtain material success through the correct ways we get greater satisfaction. Trust is very crucial part of business behavior since it is a very important part of all our economic systems. Despite trust being between the parties involved in a business, there are some people whose trustworthiness can still be questioned.
There are various tactics of enhancing self-control. Use of inner dialogue is necessary. Usually inner dialogue works like a very a wise man who knows everything. Whatever questions we may have the inner dialogue can possibly answer them.
We can put evocative words in our surrounding in the areas where we spent most time. Such words are CALM, GOOD-WILL, PATIENCE and ENERGY. When these words are around us and very visible whenever we turn around, they trigger certain attitudes hence causing us to develop the qualities which they mention.
By developing skillful will and good-will. We can also improve our self-control by performing activities like running a mile a day, trying to stand on a chair for ten minutes. This makes us increase our self-control.
We can thus notice that by practicing the right morals, as said by the old Cherokee, our self-control and good will is increased.
From teacher Christian I learnt how to speak well before an audience. Through my mother and by use of her sandals I learnt good moral, she told me never to steal. My grandfather warned me of staying for long periods with other people’s debts.
From Gillian Sore, I learnt to accept what I have and I appreciate her so much. Mrs. Wanji taught me how to help my school mates when they are in financial need. Steve Scokzek told me of King Henry VIII and his two wives. My father taught me how to calculate and become a Mathematics Champion in the entire school. Karen made me realize how bad fighting was. She punished me very harshly for fighting a friend. Teacher Easter made me realize the significance of hard by buying me bread when I got 98% in Maths. Teacher Easter was our Mathematics teacher. From Mr. James I learnt how important it is to accept achievements other people.

Abraham Lincoln often wept in public and recited maudlin poems. At odd times, he would tell funny stories and jokes The laugh from this was very necessary for his survival. Some of the tactics he used to protect himself from depression are:
Lincoln was retired, was in solitude and was in sorrow. He found out that to deal with this he needed to go out to the forest alone where he would spend time. He usually went with his gun. His friends were surprised and even thought he was might become insane. Often he went to places with people making funny jokes and having fun.
Because of fear of being overcome by mental depression he didn’t carry any knife with him because he thought that he might commit suicide. When strong suicide thoughts came to torment him, he would ask his friends to remove all sharp and dangerous objects from his sight.
Lincoln worked hard with diligence to add value to him-self. This made him develop discipline and understanding, elements which made him accomplish his life goals. He did tell a lot of stories, jokes and collecting new material from friends and print media. He realized that he could reduce his depression by composing poems, reading the poems and then reciting them.
He used to read the Bible when he felt dejected. This would give him cheer.
While in high school, Glass had served as a technical director of a group of students, the Stunts. His driving force was the fact the he did not just want to bring the little truth offered by journalists but to make it better and more colorful. He also wanted his salary to be $150000 having included the $45000 from The New Republic.
He saw himself better and smarter than his editors. He did this by trying to manipulate Chuck Lane and also editors at Harpers. He wrote many articles and didn’t think that any of his editors will find out. He gave them emails that were not registered and phone numbers that could only go to voicemail.
He came with fake documents of different kinds. The emails he gave them were not yet registered. He finally failed when he was constantly approached by other editors who were interested in the same work. He created stories in his mind. When those people didn’t find anything from Jukt they knew that he must have been lying in his articles “Hack Heaven”.
He constantly cheated Lane about his stories. He betrayed The New Republic by fabricating 27 fabrications among those he wrote. While at Harper’ he wrote a story with names that could not be verified. Glass also betrayed his editors at the New Republic, New York Times and Mother Jones.
They should ask him to write a story and then they can see if some elements are correct. They should ask him to bring ten most recent articles that he has written and try find if all the names mentioned, phone numbers, emails, and even organization titles exist.

Working towards my goals-By setting realistic and achievable goals for myself, I keep working towards them. This ensures that I always work tirelessly hard. Note giving up when I fail. As much as sometimes I may fail or lose contests, I always work after that. I never give up because I know that I will win the next time I try. I never lose their wish of winning.

I know the true purpose of my life. This makes me work with the hope of achieving my purpose in life. Dedication. In whatever I do, I dedicate myself to it and I believe in being able to achieve a lot.
Judges should be concerned with plagiarism since it is a violation of ethics to copy a codefedant’s brief. Copying a previous work of another attorney and not acknowledging him is unethical. Any attorney who intends to use a work of another attorney should inform him and use it after they have agreed that there is no problem or at least quote him.
He plagiarized. He cheated the court that the both briefs were his work and were based on Why professionals must be interested in “Disinterestedness” Under the Bankruptcy Code. The punishment was correct for him since he had admitted part of the mistake and already he had informed his client on this mistake.
I agree with the court’s ruling. Lane refused to accept that his work was a product of plagiarism. He didn’t respond to the court for a very long time. Suspension of his license for six months was right.
Having a public reprimand is a shameful ordeal. The effect of a public reprimand is that it pushes away your potential clients hence risking your career as an attorney. This may last for a short time or a long time,
Terrence Des thinks that the human moral sense is an evolutionary survival strategy. To survive in a group it was necessary to be in subgroups of two or three people. This was necessary since chances of survival were increased. Survivors helped each other. When man or any living creature finds himself in problem, nature protects itself from destruction and instability of the system. When people find themselves in harsh environments, they sometimes turn against each other but despite this they come and group activities of common interest together. They tend to develop life support relations while maintaining basic forms of social being including care and dignity.
Albert Camus noted that his generation has a greater role to play in the world, a role to prevent the world from destroying itself after the World War II. His generation should fight relentlessly to avoid nihilism.
The most memorable observation of Richard Feynman is seeing people react to the news of his nomination for the Nobel Prize. He could recall the father reactions and the daughters happiness to the news.
Both of the Nobel Prize Laureates were ambitious. Faynman says “Imagination reaches out repeatedly trying to achieve some higher level of comprehension, until suddenly I find myself momentarily alone before a new corner of nature’s pattern of beauty and true majesty revealed”. Albert Camus (I have been supported by one thing: by the hidden feeling that to write today was an honor because of this activity was a commitment).
I am interested in writing novels. For that matter, I am working on quite a number. I started by writing articles, some of which were published in in the magazines. At some point in high school, my article called The Person in Us was voted the best and I was given a medal. I am convinced that as I continue with writing, my work will get international recognition.