Diploma of Business/ Diploma of Leadership and Management UNITS: BSBPMG522 Undertake project work and BSBADM503 Plan and Manage Conferences

QUALIFICATION: Diploma of Business/ Diploma of Leadership and Management
UNITS: BSBPMG522 Undertake project work and BSBADM503 Plan and Manage Conferences
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Assessment 1- Theory Questions


Answer the questions below in your own words

1. What is a project?

2. What are the FIVE steps in a project lifecycle?

3. What should be defined clearly in Step 1 (when you start a project)

4. What is the purpose of a project charter?

5. What can a project manager do at the planning stage to make sure the project team works effectively?

6. What is the purpose of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

7. What steps can you take to develop a budget for a project?

8. What do you understand by the term ‘contingency’ in relation to budgeting and cost management?

9. What are some of the risks associated with projects? (i.e What can go wrong in a project?)

10. How can a project manager create a winning working environment?

11. Why is it important for a project manager to monitor the progress of the project?

12. What should a project manager monitor within a project?

13. What can you do if the project deadlines are not met and the project is running behind schedule?

14. Explain what project closure is and the steps that need to be taken for closure and review?

15. Why is it necessary to have a working knowledge of the legislation involved in undertaking any project?

16. Provide and explain two names of legislation that may impact on project management plans.


Please read the case study below. You are required to plan and manage a conference. This is a big project and you need to follow project management principles to manage an effective conference.

Case Study

KFC is one of Australia’s famous fast food chains. KFC has 100 franchisees across Australia. The franchisees are invited for an annual conference that is managed by the head office in Brisbane. The conference is a means of sharing best practice amongst franchisees, exchanging ideas about growth and profitability and learning new skills through professional development sessions.

This annual conference is a key event in the KFC calendar and the CEO of KFC, Mike Shine, always wants to ensure that the conference is managed extremely well as the reputation of KFC worldwide depends on the conference. He also wants to make sure that the program is interesting and the promotion is done in such a way that all the 100 franchisees commit to attending the conference. This conference is linked to a number of other projects KFC is undertaking in order to achieve its strategic goal of becoming the largest chain of food franchises in the Australia and Asia Pacific region.

The conference for this year is due in 6 months and the CEO wants to invite international guest speakers (with their partners) and some international dignitaries from a number of countries. The program will run for 2.5 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in the last week of September. The program will include one welcome function on Friday evening, 2 full days of presentations/ workshops on Saturday and Sunday followed by a social networking function on Saturday and formal cocktail evening on Sunday. The Friday session will include an opening speech by a keynote speaker who has been invited from the US. The Federal Minister for Trade will also be attending the Friday function. The Minister’s Office wants you to ensure that there is a projector available for his speech. They also want you to make sure that a video recording device is available, so the Minister’s speech is recorded in full. On Saturday and Sunday, the attendees can attend options sessions that will run concurrently in 4 different rooms.

A total of 150 invitees, 50% male and 50% female are expected including interstate and overseas franchisees and invited delegates. The budget for the event is $75,000. The event will be funded by the head office in Brisbane. The head office will cover all expenses for all the delegates; however the 100 franchisees will be paying for their own travel and accommodation costs.

In addition to the above, Mike Shine, the CEO also wants to open up the Friday welcome session to local business owners in Brisbane, as he believes it will help to raise KFC’s profile and raise some income to cover the costs of the Conference. He wants to sell tickets for the welcome function for $100 per person. He believes that the business owners will be willing to pay for entry as they will have an opportunity to meet the Minster for Trade and also network with other business people. He hopes that at least 50 business people will attend the Friday evening function, which means that there will be 200 people in total (including 150 invited franchisees and delegates, and 50 local business owners) attending on Friday in total

The conference must be run perfectly with no problems in relation to accommodation, airport pick up arrangements, guest services, venue arrangements, seating, equipment, training materials, gifts, functions, catering etc.

You have been asked to manage the whole project with a team of 4 other staff. You can use the head office to access computers, printers, photocopiers, telephones and other resources during the planning stages and also during the conference.

You are required to look after the following:
• Preparing a conference concept plan
• Develop a draft program, including venue details and location map
• Prepare a promotion plan (including your plan for promoting the function, media, publicity, invitations)
• Prepare a budget
• Prepare a work breakdown schedule (conference planning schedule with timelines)
• Risk management Plan
• Plan and make travel and accommodation arrangements for all guests
• Plan for registration process and welcoming delegates
• Plan for managing the conference and managing any issues
• Manage the social functions

Please complete the assessments below

Assessment 2
Develop a Project Brief/ Conference Concept Plan

What you need to do

1. Read the case study carefully and complete the following table:

Title of the Project you have to manage

Company details
Name of the Company
CEO’s name
What does the CEO want to achieve

Who are the key stakeholders?

What other information do you need to complete the project successfully?

What process will you follow to gather more information about the project?

2. Develop a project charter/ conference concept plan by completing the following table.

HEADINGS Write your answers below
Name of the project

Name of the company requiring the project

Key contact person within the company who you will report to for the project

Purpose of the project
(Why is KFC hosting this Conference?)

Why is the project important? How does this project relate the organization’s overall mission, goals and objectives?

Is the project linked to any other projects that the company is undertaking?
Project planning start date
Dates of the actual conference
Project end date
Budget allocated to the project

List of resources already allocated to the project:
• Financial resources ($)

• Human resources (Number of staff)

• Technology

• Plant and equipment




Will you need any other resources that have not been provided to complete the project?

How many participants will be attending (You will need to calculate from the case study)

As a project manager, what are the measurable outcomes you need to achieve for project completion

(i.e What is Mike Shine expecting from you as the Project Manager?) EXPECTED OUTCOMES
Outcome 1
(Related to project quality)

Outcome 2
(Related to project timelines)

Outcome 3
(Related to project cost)

As the project manager, write down the steps will you take to ensure that the outcomes are delivered to the agreed standards and quality?

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Write a list of your responsibilities as a Project Manager for this project

Assessment 3

.Project Plan/ Conference Plan

Using the above case study, complete the following:

1. Develop a detailed program for the conference
(You can get the basic information from the case study and then add more details)

Conference Dates: _________________________________________

Venue/ Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Style of the Conference: ____________________________________________________________________

Key Speakers: ______________________________________________________________________________

Equipment needed for the Minister’s speech: _________________________________________________

DAY/ DATE Time Program/ Session details Room No Any other information
Friday, XXX 9:00am Registration opens Reception area

2. Develop a promotion plan for the conference

1. What methods will you use to promote the conference to the local businesses?

2. What type of publicity material will you use? (e.g Flyers/ Newspaper Ads etc)

3. Provide a list of project team members with their specific roles and responsibilities.

Program Coordinator Responsible for venue booking, venue and equipment arrangement, catering

Remember that you need someone to look after:
o Venue booking and set-up
o Catering arrangements
o Communication with participants
o Technology and audio visual equipment for the conference
o Marketing and promotion
o Accounts
o Airport reception and accommodation
o Conference program
o Looking after visitors
o Reporting
o Etc

JOB TITLE Key responsibilities/ duties
1 Project Manager (You)





List the major tasks (Work Breakdown Structure) involved in the project in the order they will be carried out.

When TASK TO BE DONE Who will do the task?
(You need to allocate the tasks to your team based on Q3 above)
5-6 months ahead

3-4 months ahead

2 months ahead

3 weeks ahead

1 week ahead

During the conference

1 week after the conference

4. Think about any cross-cultural issues that you might encounter. Explain how you will ensure that you deal effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. (ie: food, dress code, etc)

5. Develop a risk management plan, identifying at 3 WHS risks and 2 other risks and methods of avoiding or minimizing these risks.

What can go wrong? Likelihood of Risk?
(High/ Medium/ Low) Impact of Risk?
(Very severe/ Medium/ Low What strategies will you use to minimise the risk? What action will you take if this goes wrong?
WHS Risk

WHS Risk

WHS Risk



6. Develop a detailed project budget for the conference

INCOME (From sale of tickets) Total Give details

Total income
EXPENSES Cost Total for group $ Give details
Accommodation for 3 nights $150per person per night or $450 for 3 nights $22,500 50 participants X $450

Total expenses
Surplus/ Deficit

7. Who should formally approve the above budget?

8. Explain how you will ensure that you manage the program within the budget.

9. What is your back-up plan if the audio-visual system does not work at the last minute?

10. Describe the consultation, feedback and monitoring process you will use during planning and completion of the project. Write your answer in the table below:

What information will you need to communicate to the CEO?

How will you communicate with the CEO? (e. meeting, email, telephone etc) PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS
What will you need to communicate to the team?

How will you communicate with the team? (e. meeting, email, telephone etc) VISITORS

What will you need to communicate to the visitors?

How will you communicate with the visitors? (e. meeting, email, telephone etc)
During the planning stage

During the implementation stage

During the conference

After the conference (Review)

11. Explain in detail how you will establish and maintain project records during and after completion of the project.

12. Explain in detail what are the steps you will take to review and close the project?.