Business administration remains among the most marketable courses in the current market.

Personal Goal Statement

Personal Goal Statement
Business administration remains among the most marketable courses in the current market. The contemporary world has put a lot of concentration on entrepreneurship and management of the business. This is because of the underlying benefits of businesses as they are the core driver of the economy of a state. As a student pursuing bachelor’s degree in business administration I am determined to continue pursuing the same course after attainment of my degree. Although this is interlaced with a passion for the course, there is much to say about the course in line with the world of today. As I have observed and experienced, my growing profession in business administration is strengthening my abilities to manage my businesses in future. This is also part of my future plan as after completion of my masters and a subsequent doctorate degree in business administration, I will strategize on setting up a consulting firm on cybersecurity and networking.
I have always shared my goals with close friends but the majority of them have frequently asked the reason as to why I only want to specialize in one field. Business administration may seem confined and direct but from my research and understanding, I have realized that it is broad in a capacity that one may appear to have specialized in diverse fields within the broad course. The course, superficially understood as the administration is intertwined with a different process that helps to grow into a proficient manager. That remains to be my goal, but being the manager of my own business. My dream for cybersecurity and networking as major fields in the current world of information management emanates from the growing need for technology in businesses. The advancement in technology has necessitated integration of key technological features in managing businesses. This is one of the fields that I plan to focus my profession in as I integrate with the current trend.
My masters in the field of business administration will major in project management. The discipline will expose me to experience in planning and coordinating processes necessary in project organization. This will be part of my long-term goal of being my own boss in a consulting firm. The knowledge gained will set a path for the broad skills that I will need in the long-term strategy of my future goals as a specialist in cybersecurity and networking. The connection between the two seem different but the fact that my future firm will deal with clients in various organizations, I will need to have broad knowledge in the needs of diverse clients and the challenges they face as managers in different projects.
Cybersecurity as a field in business administration is crucial in ensuring the security of information shared among organizational staff. With the growth of smart tech and wireless network, organizational informational have faced serious issues through hacking and even manipulation. My goal is to ensure that I ultimately have knowledge in the field so that firms have a guarantee of information security and management for confidentiality. The goal is, however, to be fulfilled in cooperation with other experienced staff members of my future firm. The recruitment of the staff will be based on expertise to ensure the quality of services and development of the consulting firm.
Networking is also one of my future goals as an expert in business administration. With the burgeoning number of professionals in different fields, networking remains an important aspect that provides career link between potential employers and employees. I have a goal of providing professional links between firms so that to ensure that renowned experts are networked with good firms. This will ensure that my clients have also links to a better human resource for better performance.