Aramex is a company founded in 1982 to provide logistics and transport solutions and has grown to be recognized worldwide. Currently, it is selling shares in Dubai.

Aramex is a company founded in 1982 to provide logistics and transport solutions and has grown to be recognized worldwide. Currently, it is selling shares in Dubai. In approximately 310 branches all over the world, the company offers job opportunities to around higher than 8,600. Aramex became the earliest firm in its area to publicize a comprehensive an analyzed credible account highlighting the company’s commitment to its shareholders, clients, employees, and financier and in environmental conservation. This case study analyses the challenges that Aramex Company faces and highlights the solutions to these problems. (Case Assignment, pg. 2)
The company faces challenges in its daily operations, for instance, there is a need for flexibility to adapt to different working conditions. This is shown by their consideration to training employees to play diverse roles and tackle various situations within the firm. “Aramex management understands that their role is to equip their employers with a set of skills and the support their need to be flexible, allowing them to tackle the evolving challenges in a changing environment continuously” (Case Assignment, pg. 2). The occurrence of accidents in the facilities is another problem the company aims at putting to an end. This illustrated by the efforts made to ensure this is accomplished. “….the station security team in conjunction with the HR department conducts departmental and job-training to either coach newcomers or update existing skills.” (Case Assignment, pg. 3)
Aramex needs to design an integrated network to offer organized services according to the customer’s demand. The regional CEOs control the structured networks in the different regions. It enhances customer handling “Aramex management is structured by type of service and type of geographical location. Each main service line and a geographical area assigned a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).” (Case Assignment, pg. 3) The company should encourage regional independence where individual regions make their own decisions. “Aramex decision-making structure is based on a centralized model, where each region is empowered to make decisions.” (Case Assignment, pg. 2)
The company must create career development programs to encourage flexibility for its members for distinct functions and posts. The employees are trained to undergo the procedures for their development. It leads to a majority of employs rising in ranks within the company and able to take care of and handle different challenges when required. Self-driving awareness training sessions and raining of employs on first aid and firefighting is a necessity in control of accidents in the workplace.
Aramex should put in practice the integrated regional customer handling design and company operations. The operation creates teamwork in decision making due to trust, respect and the urge for sharing of goals for the betterment of the company. To ensure sound business decisions are made, the company should put into practice productive and acknowledgeable choices to the several local environments. It allows the different stations to operate on their own as local companies but maintain the familiar global brand and promotes a joint decision making for a joint development strategy.
In conclusion, the preventive measures towards the challenges bring innovations to the company when practiced, and creativity from the workers hence improves the services and products from the company. Training employees on flexibility, safety, and the urge to develop new ideas should be of significant consideration because it plays a critical role in the development and growth of a company. The employees should always aim at trying new ideas and new ways of doing things because this makes them learn and promotes the growth of the industry.

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